Sweet sleep

I have posted some on the challenges of the GFCF diets, but I haven’t mentioned the benefits. Like sleep. Glorious, beautiful, all-night long sleep.

In our initial back and forth with the GFCF diet, we took off Satchmo with the rest of us. Since I was focused on the Bulldozer, I hadn’t been paying that much attention to the effect on Satchmo. So we had a bit of sticker shock and started eating cheaper food for all but the Bulldozer.

And then I realized what the GFCF benefit was for Satchmo. He has never slept through the night. We’ve tried feberizing him, sleep without tears, begging, pleading, praying and bribing. (I think I once promised him a car in my desperation. Since he didn’t go quietly back to his bed, I was out of trouble, but you can see where sleep deprivation can cause problems.) He has always had night wakings where he would cry, sometimes for 20 or 30 minutes, while being held, rocked and walked by mom or dad.

During our initial GFCF, he started sleeping better, but because I was overwhelmed and a little frantic, I missed it. Until we put him back on gluten and casein and I spent four hours sitting in the recliner. Until he woke up crying four times in one night. All the sudden, the light bulb went on: “Hey! He was sleeping better during the whole GFCF for the whole family phase!” (Yeah, sometimes I’m slow.)

We put him back on the diet Thursday. Since then he woke up Thursday and Friday night, walked into our room, climbed into bed and went right to sleep. The chemical of sildenafil citrate works on the erectile dysfunction. purchase generic cialis Fortunately, with the help of methods viagra delivery for natural penis enlargement, the problem of erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing for many men. Doctors usually prescribe cialis 40mg 60mg medication to treat sexual dysfunction. The sales of Sildenafil online has seen an upswing past many years, and the reason for it is growing awareness amidst males for erectile dysfunction, helping them to buy generic viagra discount here come out and get the solution. Now, for some people this would be totally unacceptable. But for us, there was no screaming, no fussing and limited amount of kicking. It also was 3 and 4 a.m. Respectively. Compared to 11:30 to we finally get up at 6, I can live with this Last night he slept through the night until 7:30. Of course we had all our kids out until after 10 and they all slept late, but this was an absolute miracle for Satchmo.

And there are already additional benefits, too. (Which is a pleasant surprise. Someone told me I’d see results in six months. That was not encouraging.) Both boys have had excellent therapy sessions and the Bulldozer has had much greater ability to concentrate and stay on task for longer periods of time. And, for the first time, he did not cover his ears and bury his head in dad’s shoulder during worship. (Yes, we take him out if it’s too loud.)

So for all the challenges and inconveniences of GFCF, it is making a real difference in our lives and I am very thankful. Now why didn’t I do this two years ago?

4 responses to “Sweet sleep”

  1. Laureen Avatar

    April, there are plenty of convenience GFCF foods out there. Take a gander at the yahoogroup Foodlab; we're a whole group of mamas who've been doing this for years, set up to help those who haven't.

    And yeah. Sleep, earlier continence, emotional stability; there are a ton of GFCF advantages…

  2. Christy in Seattle Avatar
    Christy in Seattle

    I've been off gluten for over 3 months. I've never slept better. I wake up with energy and without hitting snooze. I've never been like this, not ever.

    Best of luck to you and yours as you take this bold step to improve your health.

  3. Renee Holley Avatar
    Renee Holley

    So glad to hear the little guy is finally sleeping. I know it's been a challenge for you guys. Better sleep will be good for everyone. We'll keep praying that things continue to improve and that this lifestyle change gets easier for you.

  4. Mom Avatar


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