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Sweet parody of pain

Tim Hawkins is hilarious and the master of parody.

He gave us A Homeschool Family, the Chick-fil-a song, and now this masterpiece.

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(From my friend Kim, who always has the good stuff.)

2 responses to “Sweet parody of pain”

  1. B Avatar

    Funny. I realize it's meant to be about government in general, but there actually are good things about the government. I think some people tend to have an "all or nothing" view, that all the government does is take money and doesn't contribute anything good to society. There are some great things the government does, like protect us from crazy people, and giving us the rule of law & enforcing it. Though, as with everything, it's best in moderation.

  2. April Avatar

    Government is necessary for civil society, yes. There are necessary and good functions of government. The administration of justice, for one. (Or, as you put it, enforcing the rule of law.)

    But there is no law, no regulation, no bureaucracy that does not limit freedom. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Gov't is always getting bigger, always seeking more ways to take control, always looking for "problems" it can "solve" by redistributing private wealth through government bureaucracies.

    So, no. I don't think government is best in moderation. I think government is best in small doses.

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