Summer necessities

Your summer needs this:

Foolishly, we ordered this over the weekend, so MTG will have a week and a half to practice and be prepared to ambush us.

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Our friend, the inventor, has posted an Instructable for the frame and the launcher. He also invented The Slice. It’s pretty awesome having an inventor friend. Our hydromanator isn’t as tall, so you have to lie down on the ground to be able to get the full range of +200 yards. (That’s over 600 feet for the math challenged.) We had considered getting together and having a water balloon battle, but these don’t have great aim, especially when being manned by six- and eight-year-olds. Perhaps a water balloon trebuchet would be better.

What are you must haves for summer?

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  1. […] combine this technology with the Hydromanator* (which is also Josh’s design), and you get more fun than any summer could possibly contain. […]

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