Summer is here?

I’m finally back to my regularly scheduled program after being at Girl Scout Twilight camp all last week.

“April,” you ask, “I know you are young at heart and all that, but isn’t that pushing it?”

Hahaha. Very funny, sarcastic blog reader. I was volunteering. And I did have an outrageous amount of fun. So there.

It was an exhausting but very rewarding experience. I was just a peon shepherding my handful of girls around. It was amazing to see the well oiled machine that was the camp administration and volunteers run 450 campers through a myriad of activites, crafts and experiences with no major hiccups. They were some seriously put-together women. We could’ve invaded a small country, taken over and installed our own tiny Girl Scout dictators before flag down. Fortunately for the unnamed small country, that’s against the Girl Scout Law.

Anyway, I feel like summer is really only just starting for us. We were going full force wrapping up end-of-year activities before camp and we still have a smidge of math to finish. But we’re slowing down. You cialis no prescription uk can purchase any number of tablets, but it is inadvisable to use them every day. The real deal is usually that you are focusing relatively on the final goal, which is of course the cialis no prescription pricing. Also, in this problem a person feels like buy generic cialis the world is spinning, and loses the natural normal steadiness. Now everyone of order generic viagra buying this these listed products are all natural. Tomorrow we start swimming lessons and we’ll spend most mornings at the pool. We’re going to do the Great American Backyard Campout. We going to get our books returned to the library on time. That last one might be overly ambitious. And that’s it. (Okay, therapy. But that’s like breathing, it doesn’t count.)

I may try to visit my parents sometime in August. We’re planning to go to the Homeschool Convention in Houston and also see my brother and family. But other than that, we’re sticking close to home. (Do you hear that summer? We’re doing nothing!)

Is it really wise to taunt summer like that? Probably not.

Also, and very randomly, check out these adorable cupcake creations. (via Cake Wrecks) I’m totally making these for Independence Day.

Let the summer commence!

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