Succulent Saturday

This is kind of a cheater Succulent Saturday post, because the recipe/directions can be found at Bakerella’s place. She’s the creative soul who did all the hard work, so you should go there if you want to see how it’s done.

For our 4th of July get together with friends, we made this fun “burger and fries” dessert.  It’s actually pretty easy: cake mix, brownie mix, refrigerated sugar cookies and some paper and card stock.   And….voila!

Look! Hamburgers and french fries for dessert! Will wonders never cease?


Of course, if you want to make an easy dessert even easier, have someone else do it! My assembly line!

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Cupcake buns and brownie burgers!

Isn't she a cute litte laborer? And she works for cookies!

And the finished product ready to take to the party:

Very proud of their creation!

Happy Independence Day weekend!

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