Son of a censorship

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3 responses to “Son of a censorship”

  1. Gem Avatar

    The information is interesting, but the in and out of the video is giving me a headache!

  2. Carrie Avatar

    Vomit! Not sure how Obama takes all the credit for something this video claims goes back 13 to 30 years but cool, good to know Michael Moore isn’t the only one to distort information while leaving out the failings of the other side.

    I guess I’ll just have to take my chances with someone whoes “heart is in the right place” than with someone with a history of scandal and a complete blindness to how the other 99% of us live.

  3. April Avatar

    Sis, politicians have no hearts! Or just really, really small ones, the Grinch pre-heart growth size.

    As I said in the first comment: “The last 2 minutes is pure presidential politics. The first 7 minutes is an interesting analysis of this mess.”

    I think they reworked it so it’s more with the Obama bashing. But it does explain the why behind what all the experts keep saying: the economy is at risk & credit is tight because of all the bad mortagages. Why do we have all the bad mortgages? I think this is a pretty reasonable attempt at answering that question. Plus some partisan vitriol for free. You got a better explanation? I’d love to hear it. Or read it, because my computer still sounds like Max Headroom.

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