Somethings gotta give

If you ever watched the series Firefly or the movie Serenity, you’ll know that whenever the characters use foul language, it’s in Chinese. Boy do I wish I knew some Chinese.

I am frustrated and angry and saddened by the jackbooted thuggery being perpetrated on the FLDS members. (Obligatory disclaimer, yes, of course if someone is abusing children they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, covered in honey and set upon a fire ant bed. Duh.) I watched this NBS Today Show interview with the parents separated from their children–one of whom was an illegally detained adult, and I just can’t understand how this situation is allowed to continue. When a mother can’t talk to her sons–can’t be told where they are because they haven’t been assigned a caseworker more than a month after the raid, there is something deeply and systematically wrong.

I’m a born and bred Texan. Usually, I’m moderately proud of that fact. (Moderate–there’s a word not commonly heard from a Texan.) There have been times when I’ve been embarrassed and/or bemused at the actions of various Texans, but never have I been so infuriated at the actions of some and the inactions of others. The capsule is recommended as a right diet can help you maintain a viagra canada pharmacy significant control on your erectile problems. Those greyandgrey.com buy cialis who do go ahead with this medication need to inform the doctors who prescribed the said medications in order to have these changed for their good. Hypnosis has effectively used to treat soft tab viagra many severe medical conditions and dangerous habits. The intense level viagra cialis generic of intimacy or longing that you can feel towards your loved one can only be provided by sex. in fact a recent research gave observations to suggest it can cure jetlag in hamsters. There may be one or two officials have been some rather anemic, “We must investigate these questions, blah, blah, blah.” (With the exception of some MHMR workers.) But this level of injustice ought to elicit a “WHAT IN TARNATION!” from someone in position of power. We aren’t exactly known for being soft-spoken and reserved. (FLDS members not withstanding.) Where are they and what can I do to light a fire under their butts?

The Deputy Headmistress at the Common Room has been doing a bang-up job of chronicling the ever growing mess. Now, she’s posted names and contact information of Texas legislators. Thanks, DHM!

Another great place for information is Grits for Breakfast, a Texas legal blog.

So, if you a Texan, raise a fuss with your representatives. If your not from Texas, raise a fuss anyway. Maybe they’ll be embarrassed and do something to stop this nonsense.

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