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Some gave all

This is from an email my brother sent while serving in Iraq.

“The last thing I want to leave you with is words on a solitary plaque here in Iraq. This plaque is on top of a marble pedestal at the edge of a field where I end my runs.  It encourages me greatly and reminds me of what this is all about, this profession of arms.  Forget the politics of this situation. (I believe a soldier should be as apolitical as possible, particularly when deployed), but just not the love and honor here. Here’s the whole thing:


In Memory of

Specialist Marlon P. Jackson

15 August 1978- 11 November 2003

SPC Jackson, aka, the “Jamaican Sensation”

gave his life for his country. He was killed on

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Veterans day, by an IED while fighting a

hidden and cowardly enemy. SPC Jackson

was responsible for the construction of

“William Wallace Blvd” and the LSAs of Camp

Victory. His dedication to excellence is a

direct reflection of the true warrior in him.

He will be missed but never forgotten.

A Co., 94th Engineer Combat Battalion”


Thank you seems insufficient, but it’s all I have.  To the family and friends of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for your friends and your nation, thank you. I am grateful.

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