Solstice solstice solstice

If you say it enough, it starts to sound like nonsense. It even looks like nonsense.

I missed the summer solstice. Well, I didn’t miss it, because I was on planet earth. But since it was 10:51 Universal time or 5:51 local time, I was sleeping. As God intended.

The June solstice, as I’m sure you’re aware, is the longest day on the northern hemisphere and shortest day on the southern hemisphere. Sometimes people call it the first day of summer, but that’s not really true, meteorologically speaking. And that’s definitely not true for those of us who live in the southern half of the country.

solstice sun
According to NASA, is the sun at solstice. Except that it’s an image taken from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a spacecraft in earth’s orbit. Since the solstice is an event that marks the earth’s position to the sun, one must be on the earth to experience the solstice. This is just a picture of the sun taken at the same time as earth is experiencing the solstice. But it is pretty. Photo: NASA/ESA

I had fully intended to do something solsticy like. . . go to the pool, but instead I’m cleaning and doing laundry and otherwise getting ready to head to the National Right to Life Convention in Louisville, KY. (You should come.)
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I guess this will have to suffice for my solstice celebrations. (Language warning.)

Spinal tap – Stonehenge by samithemenace

Earth and Sky has Everything You Want to Know About the Solstice.

How are you observing this very long day?

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