Shop in your pajamas WITHOUT getting weird looks

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If you’ve never tried Amazon Prime, now is the time. The time to try Prime. (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Today only,  Amazon Prime is $79. It’s regularly $99, and sales like this are pretty rare. Maybe once a year? I know it doesn’t happen often. 

We’ve had Prime for a few years, and I love the convenience of free 2-day shipping. But recently Amazon has REALLY beefed up the benefits.

Some of my favorite benefits.

  • Free 2-day shipping and free same-day shipping in some place. Probably by drones. Has NO ONE learned the lessons of the Terminator?
  • On many items, if you choose delayed shipping, you’ll get a digital credit. I use this often and can use it for free movie rentals or other digital services. 
  • Free streaming video for lots of television shows and movies. (We’ve ditched cable for a combination of this, Netflix, and the library. Ironically, the library probably costs us the most because we are apparently incapable of returning a book or movie on time.)
  • Streaming music. I normally just use the playlists while I work, and they’ve got some great options. My favorites are the Classics and Soundtracks for study. 
  • I just discovered Kindle First. You can get one free book a month from a list of six editors picks.  There’s also lots of free books and magazines on Prime Reading. There’s tons of stuff. See?

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Click to enlarge and actually be able to read those tiny, tiny words.

Oh, and the shopping from the comfort of your own home and not deal with those pesky people in the real world. It’s an introvert’s dream. 🙂

If you’ve been planning on  trying Prime, this is the perfect time to do it. You get 30 days free; so if it’s not for you, you’re out nothing. Happy shopping from you pjs!



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