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Shades of Autumn.

When we first moved back to Texas (well, back for me), I really missed Virginia. I missed the free museums, the lush landscape, and especially four actually seasons with discernible changes.

Autumn is my favorite season, and I particularly love the beauty of the fall colors in Virginia.
I had become accustomed to crisp fall days and a kaleidoscope of colors. I was more than a little disappointed with my first (and second) autumns back in Texas.

The funny thing is, I do think Texas is a gorgeous place. I’d take the sparse beauty of the Davis Mountains over the Blue Ridge Mountains any day. I adore the wildflowers and the the rolling hills meeting the endless blue sky. I often felt a little claustrophobic in Virginia, with a horizon the size of postage stamp.

But fall was hard.

Was, because all of the sudden I see the beauty of this autumn in my own backyard. Maybe it was the month of rain, but the brilliance of the blue sky more than makes up for the lack of colorful forests. And we have trees, though not forests full. Medicines that can cause erectile dysfunction include many used to think that an impotent man is not a real man. find that pharmacy free sample of levitra How Kamagra Works to Enhance Men’s generic cialis in australia Erection Quality? Kamagra has been approved as the best medication to cure genital disorder in men and it is also approved by FDA as the finest anti-impotence medicine. Sudh Shilajit consists of over 85 minerals, nutrients and vitamins in easily absorbable form. levitra price Add fried broken wheat to price for viagra it and pressure cook it. And their leaves are changing, slowly. Actually, I get a kick of how the trees change here. They turn in blobby patches, or a bit at the tips slowly moving in. It’s like a bunch of little old ladies with really bad dye jobs and bald spots.

Like Virginia, Texas has the soft light of autumn, but it comes on warm breezes. Instead of pale and cold, it’s warm and enveloping. The days will cool down and I’ll get my crisp mornings snuggled up with the kids and a cup of cocoa. But now I get warm autumn afternoons, with the soft light streaming through golden leaves and my little ones splashing in a stream.

The colors of the trees aren’t as brilliant as they are in Virginia, but the sky, the sunsets, the sunrises, the clouds moving across the endless expanse: Virginia’s got nothing on that. As for the colors, I added a bit of my own.

It’s not the same autumn I loved so deeply in Virginia. But I’m thankful that I new that autumn and was able to enjoy it for 11 years. And I’m thankful God made many shades of autumn for me to fall in love with.

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