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Save the chocolate!

Did you know we are facing the possibility of a major chocolate shortage? Seriously, this is a problem. So I wrote about it because Awareness is the thing we do now. Be aware!

Actually, the industry reaction to the shortage is pretty interesting. They are taking steps to teach the 5-6 million small farmers in developing countries better agricultural practices. They also mapped the cocoa genome and released the data, which my open source loving heart adores. Information wants to be free!

Also not included in my article but found in my research is the fact that a high priority is retaining the chocolatey taste. Unlike the giant strawberries that taste like the ghost of strawberry or the non-rose smelling roses you find in the grocery store, they want to preserve and even enhance the flavor.

There are lots of challenges for cocoa production from the horrors of harmful child labor and trafficking to low producing farms that can’t sustain a family, but there’s also a lot of good stuff being done to meet these challenges.  Anyway, read about the challenges and hopes of our precious chocolate in my Between Errands Column at The Washington Times Community Pages and enjoy this chocolate infographic from The Rainforest Alliance.
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