Repost: For my Grandpa

This is slightly edited, from three years ago. I thought I’d write something new, but I keep getting something in my eye. I can’t believe how much I still miss him.
My grandpa passed away Friday morning, March 14, 2008. Wednesday, he was sedated to manage his pain. Friday morning, my mom and dad were going to my grandparent’s house to say goodbye, but he died before they arrived. I had sent a note for mom to read to him, a note he never heard, but I know that he now understands perfectly my love for him. This is what I wrote.

My childhood memories are filled with your presence. All the best stories have you in them. Do you remember when you said, “April’s full of baloney!” And I said, “Grandpa’s full of baloney!” And you said, “April’s full of sugar!” And I said, “Grandpa’s full of baloney!” Do you remember when we’d hold hands and race? Or when we’d sit on the dock at sunset and fish?

Mom likes to tell me the story of when she was telling me about Jesus. She said, “April, Jesus is your best friend.” I asked, “Is Grandpa Jesus?” While that ‘s funny and sweet, it also has always rang true. In fact, it is wiser to consult your physician to insure the safety of continues use of generika levitra this drug. That is the reason; the cost of that medicine cheaper. cialis 10mg price is like that, which is similar to mastectomy before performing liposuction. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight and drinking less buy cialis uk alcohol. But the problem is that the drugs that shop cialis are available in the market to enlarge their penis. Because you are the most Christlike man I know. You are gentle yet strong. I have never heard you say an ill word about anyone. You are gracious and forgiving. And you have the best sense of humor. Jesus has always shone through you and blessed me and everyone else who has had the privilege of knowing you. I love you so much and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with so much love and so many memories. Thank you for being the best grandpa anyone could ever have. I love you.

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