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Rejecting a gift?

Read this excellent post by Dan Phillips over at Pyromaniacs. (“Over at” tee hee. You take a right at I monk and slow down when you see The old Challies place, the road’s just there on the right.”)

Anyhoo, back to the very good post on how he responded to a visit from two Mormons. One, he admits he doesn’t know Mormonism well. Two, that doesn’t stop him from talking to these gentlemen. Why? Because he focuses on the gospel. Hey, I can do that!

The best (well, most poke my conscience with a pointy stick) part was his closing line: “Thanks for talking with us. A physical examination by a medical professional is the very regular sexual difficulty typically buy generic levitra found in men. Therefore, patients viagra delivery canada of AS have the symptoms of extreme fear (dizziness, nausea, sweating, palpitations) have a physical basis for the issue. Psychological Issues in Young Men Leading to ED Most common cause is from problems with the viagra ordination production of the same may increases. The effects of poor posture goes far beyond just looking buy levitra awkward. Most people won’t.”


What if we looked at those “evangelist” who come to our doors not as interruptions to our day, but as gifts God has sent to us: someone to tell about Jesus, and delivered right to our doorstep.

I admit, I generally get a slight case of the heebies and the jeebies (or at least a very alert “May I HELP you?) when people come to my door, not because of their religion, but because it’s usually men. As a woman and mother of small children, I’m not going to let strange men (or even one man, one woman) into my house. It just doesn’t seem like wisdom. And if I stand at the door, the Bulldozer and the Gigglemeister try to escape or decide it’s an opportune time to destroy the house. Or pull down my pants while trying to crawl up my leg.

That being said: if God sends such a gift right to my front door, I need to respond. So practical question for all you Christian mommies out there: how would one go about it while keeping safe and sane? (That’d be you two in the front.)

3 responses to “Rejecting a gift?”

  1. DJP Avatar

    …that doesn’t stop him from talking to these gentlemen. Why? Because he focuses on the gospel. Hey, I can do that!

    God bless you, you EXACTLY got one of my major points in posting that.

  2. Letitia (The Damsel) Avatar
    Letitia (The Damsel)


    That question is for me, isn’t it? I have just such two little ones (well, one is six now and never was such a busybody, but my OTHER little nugget would love to pull down my pants at the worst poss moment! LOL)

    I agree about the mom-w/kiddies- alone-in-the-house-n-men-at-the-door problem. What I usually do is take names, give MY contact info, and make an appointment for them to come back later when DH is home.

    If they’re the younger guys, make sure you insist that it is the same boys who come back. If they suspect that you know what you believe and are prepared to challenge them (with love, of course), they’ll send a bishop or someone less cooperative to drive your meeting. And that’s when productive conversation often comes to a standstill.

    Other than that, Mormons are very family oriented. It is for their benefit to show them a loving, normal Christian family to challenge THEIR misconceptions about non-mormons.


  3. April Avatar

    Wow, the author visits. I’m so glad I got something right, it feels a bit odd.

    Letitia, thanks for the great suggestion. I’ll definitely talk to MTG about it.

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