Rainy days, late nights, so tired, still happy

Last night, Little Miss and I participated in the Ace of Spades Decision Desk crowdsourcing of election returns. Which just means we feverishly reloaded government websites and entered numbers into a spreadsheet. So much excitement!

We were working on the Texas gubernatorial race, which was a foregone conclusion, but it was still a fun experiment and a nice little lesson in civics for the kid. It would be fun to participate in a closer race. Do you think the powers that be could move the elections from Tuesday, though? Because Tuesday: ugh.

If you’re a right leaning person, you’ve got to be pretty happy about the results last night. And shocked.  Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois all have Republican governors now. New York has a Republican State Senate. But the happiest news has to be that Harry Reid, one of the most despicable politicians alive, has been dethroned. It’s going to be fun to see how the Democrats function as a minority party, seeing as they’ve hobbled the power of the minority in the Senate.

Overall, I don’t think this is necessarily the nation embracing conservative principles. I do think this is America telling the president and his party that they’ve royally screwed up and nobody’s happy.  I also think it’s a push back against some of the stupider political memes, like “War on Women” and “Everything is racist. Shut up, racists.” Mainly, I think it’s a “put up or shut up” challenge to the GOP. It’s an opportunity for Republicans and conservatives to show how they’d address the challenges we’re facing. Sadly, I doubt that Obama will stop his unconstitutional power grabbing. But now the GOP has a little more power to push back. I just hope they don’t waste that opportunity.

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How do you feel about the elections?



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