Quarantine time?

My girls are still swapping the icky virus, taking turns being sick, giving me one day of false hope, then doing it again. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy.

MTG is traveling. He’s in Virginia for training and went out early to see old friends. (Hi, old friends!) He was going to stay with friends from our church, but the he of the pair came down with the flu. So MTG is crashing at his sisters place until he checks into the hotel on Sunday. Now SHE is feeling sick.

I’ve told MTG he may not bring more sickness into this house. This viagra sales canada sexual disorder plays a big role to cause psychological and relationship issues in the sufferer. As you might expect, there are natural herbal alternatives for buy cheapest viagra is that they are devoid of synthetic chemicals that could adversely affect the body parts. One of viagra 50mg them is the PharmaexpressRx. For example, should a woman pay her “fair” share equally if her disposable income is less than viagra levitra cialis a man’s? Does equality in benefits translate to equality in responsibility? Does “fair” mean absolutely half, or is it relative to one’s own income or ability to pay? Or is it relative to a man’s income and ability to pay? Real gender bias in incomes between men and women. I just cannot handle it. It’s been four weeks of some form of digestive ickiness, and I am about done in. So if he comes home sick, he’s living in his truck. I will bring out soup and medicine and barf buckets. He can tell the children goodnight through the rolled up window, but the sickness is staying OUT.

Just kidding.


I do have to say that four pregnancies with hyperemesis has allowed me to be far more
nonchalant about vomit. That’s a benefit I never would have expected.

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