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Public Displays of Hate

On our road home yesterday, we stopped to eat at ChickFilA. It was pretty late, so there were only two other families there. We witnessed a bizarre and ugly episode in someone’s broken family. There was a dad eating with a little boy about the Bulldozers age. After eating, he let the boy play while he was on his cell phone just outside the play area. Then a woman, obviously the boy’s mother, came in and sat inside the play area, she was also on her cell phone. Then there was some “discussion” about whether some woman in the parking lot was violating a restraining order and whether or not the mom could afford to call the police, etc. What is more important online levitra prescription is to realize that consuming more than a pill at a time or whatever is the prescribed dosage or that could lead to an overdose. The little miracle berry from the Amazon cialis generic pharmacy Rain forest on the amazon palm trees. This quickly increases the blood flow to his penis decreases, and http://www.glacialridgebyway.com/mid-6810 purchase levitra online his erection goes away. It is myth that smoking helps to relieve tension. viagra online delivery While the little boy played with our kiddos in the play area.

As we were leaving, the mom was calling the police, while seated in the play area where her son and my kids were playing. The boy seemed oblivious to the drama between the adults. The parents seemed oblivious to their boy. I felt sick to my stomach. I know it is only by God’s grace that I am blessed with my wonderful family. I know family fractures are messy and love turned to hate is deep and bitter. But for the sake of your child and common decency (not to mention the shame of everyone knowing your business), keep your private matters private, people!

3 responses to “Public Displays of Hate”

  1. Dana Avatar

    No kidding…but I suppose part of the underlying issues probably have something to do with self-centeredness on somebody’s part. Making it difficult for them to really comprehend that perhaps for the sake of decency they should pipe down a bit.

  2. sunniemom Avatar

    With the advent of spill-your-guts talk shows and reality television, I think some folks have lost all sense of decorum and discretion. They seem to *want* everyone to know their dramas and difficulties.

  3. April Avatar

    Maybe we’ve just “evolved” past the ability to blush. The bible talks about having no shame as having a “harlot’s forehead,” which is very descriptive. There is a weird combination of “Look at me! Look at me! What are you looking at?” at work here.

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