Pssst, Browncoats!

You know how we’re all still mourning the cancellation of Firefly and the death of Wash? (Insert shinkick for Joss here.) Well, check out this really well-done fan film*. Seriously, it’s very well done, and Joss could make up for killing off Wash and Book by giving this guy a call.



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*This is labeled “fan film,” but is more professional than what most people (in my opinion) think of when they hear “fan film.” It’s done in conjunction with the company Loot Crate and there are 50-75 people listed in the credits. Still, it’s pretty impressive what they’ve been able to do, and I’d definitely watch more of this story.

What say you, Browncoats?

via Neal Dewing, who’s apparently good for more than drink recipes.

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