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Prayers for Japan and reflection

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan. I can’t even fathom the intensity and power of an 8.9 earthquake, nor the fear and sorrow of the survivor.  

I also wonder about people who offer a “reason” for this devastation: from God’s judgment of sins to the effects of climate change. (Okay, those people I just laugh at. Ayurveda is considered to be the world’s first treatment for erectile dysfunction. tadalafil canadian pharmacy It viagra tablet in india has also been said by the doctors that the disorder cannot go away from the life of the disease, but seriously affect the quality of the drugs which you will get for yourself. The effect of the medicine tadalafil 80mg remains for the longer timeframe. You viagra sales france can buy these two herbal remedies from reliable online stores using a credit card. And then desire to send them this. The Frizz will sort them out.)

But the passage in Luke 13:1-4 kept coming to my mind, as well as this thought: it’s not that God is not powerful enough to cause or to prevent such disasters. It’s not that he is not sovereign over all things, even earthquakes and tsunamis.  The trouble is that I am not God and attempting to divine the purpose of the Divinity is a foolish and vain task. 

But I can pray. And I can giveAnd then I can pray some more.

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