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Party like an Egyptian

Today we had Little Miss’s 9th Birthday party. She has been enamored of ancient Egypt for a long, long time. This year she wanted an Ancient Egypt Birthday Party. On the upside, it’s much more interesting than your typical Disney character party. However, it requires a bit more thought, creativity and effort.

But she’s worth it.

Let the fun begin!


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We played pin the nose on the Sphinx with noses drawn by the kids. I was going to provide noses, but we couldn’t decide what the original looked like and the angle threw me, particularly the nostrils. Really, do you want to do a nostril shot of a nose for a bunch of kids? Doesn’t that just beg for booger jokes?

Anyway, I like the kids’ creations. It adds a certain whimsy to the mysterious Sphinx, kind of like a beanie on the Mona Lisa.

Then we played wrap the mummy. (This kid–not one of mine–is coincidentally the same as the one above. He’s a cutie, though!) We divided into teams and had 3 of the younger kids be the mummies. The team to wrap their mummy first with the entire roll of toilet paper won.

In future games of wrap the mummy, I’m going to require speed and full coverage. The winning team didn’t cover the legs so their mummy could spin around and wrap himself.

After the wrapping, the mummies burst from their wrappings like something out of a Bela Lugosi Horror Flick. It gave me chills down my spine.

So the spinning and wrapping and yelling “Go Team 1 or 2 or 3!” really got the kids excited. So we had a calming game of Egypt Bingo. That was a lot of fun and everyone was peaceful and ready for. . .


Sugar them up and send them home, that’s my philosophy. I found this template here. I probably should have put the cakes in the freezer for smoother cuts, but it still turned out okay. I wasn’t able to make the smaller pyramid from the scraps, but that just means more cake bits for me to munch on. (The writing says “Valley of the Queen.”)

A fun time was had by all. And I am exhausted.

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