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Pants on fire

From elementary through high school, I went to school with a habitual liar. And not just a liar, but a liar who told bad, easily revealed, insult-your-intelligence dumb lies. It would have been amusing had it not been so very sad and pathetic.

Well, apparently one of the mayoral candidates is this girl. Reports have revealed numerous bad, easily discovered lies. These aren’t “resume enhancing” lies to make the woman seem a better mayor. Not lies that “mis-remembered” a now unpopular position or political spin, but complete fabrications designed to make her more popular, more (ick) “cool.” Yikes.

I know some people will say that they’d rather someone lie a private matter than a public one. I don’t think liars generally draw those stark personal private lines. And this doesn’t seem like the case of someone lying once or twice about a minor event. It is this very body that ensures that your stamina tadalafil viagra and physical interest remains good for quite a long time. I remember reading somewhere that cigarette and candy automats were in place by generic levitra online the 1930’s, and by the time World War II rolled around, vending machines were raking in $600 million, an astronomical amount considering that most of the candy they stocked sold for a penny. In today’s PDE-5 inhibitor drugs, two cialis generic online http://djpaulkom.tv/dj-paul-reminisces-on-beginning-of-three-6-mafia-and-tragic-loss-of-lord-infamous/ of the most prominent brands stand out to be in battle. Adapted approach Taking into thought the tadalafil cheapest price various sort of candidates, on-line driver’s education applications are unendingly improved to match everyone’s requirements. These are fairly substantial (and did I mention stupid and easily discovered) lies. It’s akin to someone saying, “I flew in space with John Glenn.” Okay, not that important, but like the astronaut yarn, not too hard to verify. Her wild fantasies impeach not just her character, but her intelligence. Lest you think I only disapprove of dumb or psychoitc liars, here is the obligatory disclaimer: Lying is bad. Don’t do it. Especially you, politicians.

While I expect all politicians lie–being people and furthermore people more desperate than the average bloke to be liked–I don’ t think all politicians are liars. I’d put the numbers somewhere between 75 to 95%.

On the upside, now I know who to vote for.

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