Overcoming Evil with Good

After the horror of the Arizona shootings, it is hard to think of anything that could be more evil, more wicked than gunning down a group of complete strangers. Hard, but not impossible. It can be argued that those who would spew hateful things at the funeral of a child are more despicable than the obviously insane man who killed that child. Maybe it’s a tie.

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The Westboro jerks, who call themselves baptists but probably couldn’t articulate the gospel if a gun was pointed at them, are going to “protest” the funerals of the victims of the Arizona shootings. And they are getting what they want: publicity, even if it is basically the entire country giving them the finger. (In this, at least, we are united: those people are evil.)
I don’t know what is being planned to deal with them, particularly since these funerals will probably be high profile with “important people” being in attendance. (God spare me from a funeral attended by “important people.”) I would like to point out the recent and highly effective manner of dealing with the Westboro bunch.
And based on their example and organized in part by my friend Holly, here:
Love, dignity, and respect for the fallen blocking hate. As the Good Book says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

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