Out of sorts and off the rails

I seem to have gone slightly wonky. Off the rails, out of sorts, befuddled. Mushy, even. Speaking of mush, I have managed to mess up my jaw and I’ve been existing on macaroni and cheese and soup for the past four days. Perhaps the problem is my lack of protein.

That said, I am attempting to beat my life back into submission. I don’t know where the blog falls in said beatings, but definitely not at the top of the list. I started an interesting post on arrogance and educational choices, but then it started heading down a totally different track and now I have to look up a C.S. Lewis quote that I thought was in God in the Dock, but maybe it was The Four Loves. Or maybe something else altogether.
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Anyway, I’m not gone, just trying to get a grip.

One response to “Out of sorts and off the rails”

  1. sunniemom Avatar

    Since you are busy perusing C. S. Lewis, you can contribute to the latest game of blog tag -http://sunniemom.wordpress.com/2008/02/11/book-tag-im-it/ that is, if you feel up to it.

    Hope you get to feeling better- I had bronchitis a few weeks ago, and I hated watching my neatly organized life slowly disintegrate more than I hated not breathing.

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