One last big push

I’m tired after along week of single parenting. I have really NOT got this gig down.  One of my big problems is failure to pace myself.  So here I am, with one more day to go and slightly panicked about where I’ll find the wherewithal to last that one more day.  There oughta be a book. (There probably is.)

But if there’s anything that my sporadic single-parenting has taught me, it’s that the men and women who do this everyday are the unsung heroes of our society.  The single-parents, military spouses, people who have traveling spouses, they carry a burden that is enormous for one person to handle.  So, if you run into a single parent, buy her a drink. Perhaps the lowest prices cialis biggest benefit that chiropractic care not only relieves pain but also tell the root cause of the pain unlike other treatments that uses drugs to relieve the pain temporarily. It is clear that fighting with erectile deficiency is a humiliating health disorder that lowers a man’s confidence while performing in bed. online levitra Men are also trying to fight this common viagra properien sexual trouble, people are finding shelter in Kamagra tablets. Madonna wears Ed Hardy caps and t-shirts almost daily, and cheapest viagra Britney Spears was recently filmed raiding the designer’s massive California warehouse. Or better yet, volunteer to watch the kids so she can take some time for herself. Just don’t let her waste it on a trip to the grocery store.

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