On the second day of Christmas…

I survived the Advent season and made it to Christmas. I know that’s the wrong attitude to take and not in all in keeping with a “prepare your heart of the coming of our Lord” attitude that Advent is supposed to represent. But honestly, the unrelenting busyness of the pre-Christmas season is almost overwhelming.

I love Christmas, but sometimes the expectations can overwhelm the actual event. Okay, for me, all the time the expectations overwhelm the events. I don’t truly start enjoying Christmas wholeheartedly until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.   Pretty much everything I can do has been done, for better or worse, and the celebration can begin. (Okay, I have been known to run out to the drug store for last minute stocking stuffers in the wee hours of Christmas Eve.)

Our family tradition is to travel to be with my family every other year. This was our stay home year and we instituted a new tradition: chopping down our own Christmas tree. The whole expedition was lots of fun. We’ve particularly enjoyed the pine fresh scent for the past few weeks.

Our prize
The children stand victoriously over their kill.

Staying home means a pretty low-key Christmas, which I love. After Christmas Eve Church Service, we got Chinese food and watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. Then the kids set out cookies and Santa’s letter and went off to dream of sugar plums. Well, probably not sugar plums since they don’t know what they are.  MTG and I finished up the evening stuffing stockings and tidying up for the morning. Christmas day was spent at home relaxing  and Christmas evening was spent with good friends. It was a wonderful day.

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I like the idea of the Christmas season crossing over and into the New Year. It helps me keep my focus on Christ in the New Year.  It helps me to enter the year with gladness and celebration, rather than a myriad of  “You must be a better person” resolutions.  I’m a feast day sort of girl. Pity Protestants don’t really do feast days.

Anyway, so that’s where I’ve been this Christmas season. Busy busy busy, but now ready to revel in it.

And my Christmas gift to you, this lovely song via my twitter friend @CraigCarroll.


2 responses to “On the second day of Christmas…”

  1. Mary Avatar

    Treasure your time Sweetheart. Love you.

  2. Terry O'Gorman Avatar
    Terry O’Gorman

    Sounds like an ideal American Christmas! “The reason for the season” has become so ‘cliche’ yet you have spoken up in it’s honor. And it should be a season, not a moment or day. Lovely!

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