On the Eighth Day of Christmas

I finally got my around to my “Christmas” Letter. Hey, technically, it’s still the Christmas Season. At least in my head. Here are a few excerpts. (If you’re on our list, consider this a trailer.)

Since this was our first full calendar year in Texas and I wanted a complete year to chronicle. Not buying it? Well, it is only the 8th day of Christmas and I didn’t want to rush the season. No? Well, Merry Christmas anyway.

We are acclimating to Texas, weather and culture. We’ve traded Virginia trees for Texas sky and so have taken an interest in astronomy. Last January, we went with friends to a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory in Ft. Davis. It was beautiful, but cold. Little Miss braved it out to look through all the telescopes, but the other kids weren’t so happy about being up way past bedtime to hang out in sub-freezing temperatures. MTG and I liked the place so much, we’re trying to figure out how to get there this year for our 10th anniversary. (10th! We’re old.)

The main reason we moved back to Texas was to be closer to family. This year, that was especially important. My grandpa passed away in March . While we were sad to lose him, I’m glad we had a year with him before he died. . .

In April, we drove to Minnesota (yes, drove) for MTG’s sisters wedding. Little Miss was a junior bridesmaid, Sprite was a flower girl, Bulldozer was the ring bearer and Satchmo was a distraction. The bride was lovely and it was nice to be in Minnesota in April without snow.

In July, my kid sister became a mommy to one of the cutest kids on the planet. I finally get to be Cool Aunt April – a title formally claimed by Carrie – at last.

This past spring, we had Bulldozer tested for speech delays, which lead to more testing. He’s been diagnosed with Auditory Processing and Sensory Integration Disorders. Various males undergo a vasectomy reversal that is unsuccessful as a respitecaresa.org viagra sales australia result of ready to o lengthy to reverse the procedure. There will be many conditions and precautions that your doctor will tell you whether this is the right drug for you and where you cheapest levitra can obtain it legally. Medicines are made of highly dissolvable substances that make sure this acts fast. viagra cialis generic While most cialis buy online http://respitecaresa.org/category/uncategorized/ families with autistic children might see no hope, they can make life easier for their children with ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). He’s been taking speech and occupational therapy and making great progress. He’s full of talk about trucks and superheroes. He loves his therapists and gets a little upset when we tell him that he can’t see them today, because it’s Sunday or Christmas or some other kids turn. . .

The girls are doing great and very busy. . . We’re studying Medieval History and water creatures and Latin, among other things. They are also both Brownie Girl Scouts and taking dance and piano and co-op. They keep me on my toes, physically and mentally. . .

Satchmo is two and a very entertaining kiddo. He looks just like my dad and has the same mischievous spirit. Being the youngest and smallest doesn’t intimidate him, he more than hold his own with his siblings. He’s got a wicked head-butt and a fascination with the cats, whom he calls “meow.” As rough as he is with people, he’s very gentle with the animals.

MTG . . inherited the role of Santa from my grandpa and I took over the role of Kisser of Santa. One word: fuzzy.

I’m doing my best to keep up with the kiddos and their crazy schedules. Despite the hectic pace, I’m considering starting a local pro-life group. Call me crazy, but I think I’ve been on the sidelines long enough. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for the effort and my family.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Joyous Feast of Epiphany. Until next January. . .

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