My side! Stop, please!

George Saunders has the scoop on armed animals (and sloppy writers.)

“A recent headline indicates a number of disturbing American trends: Father Kills Bear Charging At Son With Log.

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Read the whole thing. It gets better.

ht evangelical outpost and those distracting 33 things!

2 responses to “My side! Stop, please!”

  1. Marcian Avatar

    ohhh, the days of English grammar. Sometimes, I find myself slipping and using my words improperly. My mother would be shocked, really, and probably very disappointed.

    We were probably the only kids at that homeschool support group meeting who had grammar as a separate subject.

    I’m seriously feeling the pressure… what if MY kids misplace their modifiers?? What if they leave them dangling! What will people think of me? As I consider the shambles my OWN grammar usage has fallen to, I need to go call my mom and have her mail me our old Easy Grammar workbooks.

  2. April Avatar

    I know what you mean about the pressure. My kids are still pretty young, but I still (sometimes) fear people will think poorly of my teaching skills if they mispronounce a word or use poor grammar. Imagine my horror when I discovered dd7(!!) was mispronouncing her OWN MIDDLE NAME! The horrors.

    We’re using “Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching grammar” and it’s my 7-year-old’s favorite subject. I think she likes it because she gets to recite poetry.

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