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My boyfriend’s back

and I’m thinking he needs to pick up the pace a bit. But this was worth the wait.

This cartoon has a similar scary message. (ht a dozen different places.)

Well, we’re so excited about those boys on American Idol and the interesting British lady with a pretty voice that we don’t notice our government trying to make confetti of our constitutional rights.

We’re so anxious for the government to “reduce our health care costs” that we don’t ask how exactly they plan to do that, nor do we notice the bill we’re already saddled with.

We’re happily waiting for our shareholder discount for our new Chevrolet that we just gloss over the fact that Holy Heck! The government owns GM! That is so . . Since the patent for greyandgrey.com cialis price expired in 2013, therefore presenting an opportunity to other pharmaceutical companies, both local and foreign, to enter the market and have become popular with the male population. The enzyme PDE-5 activity canadian pharmacy cialis is retarded by this drug because this enzyme is found to be the cause for notorious symptoms of this problem. So by ignoring the root wholesale generic cialis cause these symptoms can continue to exist undetected. Fatty food must be dodged as it stifles the digestion of the solution in the circulatory system the postponements the result. people experiencing wellbeing issues, for example, heart issue, kidney issues, liver issues and hypertension ought to counsel your spegreyandgrey.com buy levitra onlinet before utilizing the prescription of nonexclusive levitra is suggested. . weird.

Give me liberty or at least a really comfortable and stylishly decorated prison cell.

UPDATE: An interesting interview with Andrew Klavan. (ht: John Piper)

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