Monday morning

I’m back from a weekend with my family and away from all news. My feeds are in an ugly traffic jam and I’m scrolling through Instapundit to see if I missed anything really important. (MTG and I noticed some cows standing East/West and thought the world might be ending.) It’s not. Nothing has changed. We’re still slouching toward November and trillion dollars deeper in debt. Taking the drug in small dosages on a daily basis with lukewarm milk or water for the best viagra cialis generico effects. order cialis The pill of 100mg is sufficient enough for him so need to repeat the dose. Dalchini improves your overall health sildenafil india visit address and relieves you from stress. For most of us, viagra generika there is more communication going from the heart to the brain, than from the brain to the heart. Blah, blah, blah.

But this post made all the rest of the blah, blah, blah bearable. This blog is one of the best I read. It reminds me of the wide world, my small, if extremely blessed place in it, and the desperate need that I have a duty to help meet. And it makes me smile. Thanks Ali.

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