Missing the point

Apparently, some time before we moved here, our neighbor had a rash of burglaries. Or at least one person’s car was broken into. So the previous owners of our house and the neighbors on either side of us installed honkin’ security lights. And by honkin’, I’m talking stadium level bright. (Ours burned out and we haven’t replaced it.) These huge obnoxiously bright lights create enough light pollution that our backyard astronomy attempts are seriously hampered, despite the fences and trees and distance. But it’s for the safety and security of their home, so I really shouldn’t complain. Addiction to the drug is also common that one would not find it easy to quit using this. best cialis prices But, advertisements never show the side-effects or the long term savings when using Kamagra can even amount to thousands of dollars. levitra generic no prescription Many factors are associated with the development of ED, which may include diabetes, high viagra soft tab donssite.com blood pressure, tamsulosin & prazosin, glyceryl trinitrate, etc. Some simple tests may be conducted to check viagra discount http://www.donssite.com/OPTICALIILLUSIONS/next15.htm the blood pressure, the fundus, electrocardiogram, chest fluoroscopy and liver function several times. Except. . .

They leave their garage door open. All the time.

The point of a security light: to deter thieves. Leaving your belongings (and easy access to your home) wide open to anyone strolling by your open garage door: the opposite of a deterrent. And your messing with my stargazing.

2 responses to “Missing the point”

  1. Dana Avatar

    It is so nice to live outside the city where we can look up and see the Milky Way from our backyard!

    And I agree…they should lock the garage and turn out the light.

  2. April Avatar

    Without the honkin’ security light, we’d have a fairly decent view for the burbs. Not the Milky Way, but better than we had in Virginia. We’re taking a field trip to the McDonald Observatory in Ft. Davis, TX this winter (read the middle of the middle of nowhere.) Then we’ll do some serious stargazing!

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