Mid-camping break

I’ve taken a break in our weekend camping trip to bring Sprite back for her last game of the softball season, where she hit a home run, thank you very much, and her team finished undefeated.

*Pause for cheering*

We’re at the lovely and very crowded with scouting groups Eisenhower State Park. Everyone is out enjoying this beautiful weekend, including this guy, the “common” garden spider. I don’t think he’s common at all. I prefer to call him the Zig Zag Spider. Much more interesting. He’s too pretty to call common.

zig zag collage

Bulldozer found a fossil, which is a big hit.

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My favorite parts of camping out are sitting around the fire, skywatching — we saw a meteor from the last of the Orionid Meteor shower, and this:


Percolating coffee is the best. Now to head back up to the fun with an exhausted girlie and a puppy dog who is having way too much fun. See?

Traveling Jack

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