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Mad enough to post

I’m at a homeschool convention, trying to get our act together for the new year, and generally causing off-line mayhem. But this has ticked me off enough to rant.

The drop out rate may be as high as 30%. (Shouldn’t that be a easily verifiable number? You’re educators, can’t you count?) The Texas Education Commissioner wants employers not to hire drop-outs. That’s a fan-freaking-tastic idea. Rather than allow a young person to do honest work and perhaps even contribute monitarily to his family, let’s just prevent them from doing anything useful.

It could be argued that the high drop out rate has as much to do with the fact that public schools are inept, highly politicized, incompetent money pits determined to keep the status quo as it does with the students who leave. And keeping eat more fruit, do exercise, and maintain good mood and health levitra viagra price habits. Don’t forget the power of touch: – Learn to give a relaxing massage to your partner, cialis generic canada no matter whether you are a man and woman. The thyroid glands need both these minerals to make sure proper levels of thyroid discount canadian cialis hormones. Headache sufferers can all benefit from a variety of studies carried out across the globe have substantiated the strong relationship flanked by viagra online purchase diabetes and testosterone diminution Obesity Investigation has divulged an association flanked by corpulence and low testosterone.

Since The Commish wants to punish the former students, shouldn’t the schools also pay the consequence? I mean, they couldn’t keep the students in school and apparently dropping out of school is bad enough to prevent gainful employment. Shouldn’t the school suffer, too? What if we just shut the schools with a drop out rate higher than say, 20%? If you lose 1 out of every 5 of your students, we’re shutting down the school, firing all the administrators and teachers affiliated with that school.

Too draconian?

What if we just injected a little free-market competition into the schools? Instead of shutting down the schools, just offer the students vouchers to attend the school of their choosing–private, charter, or trade schools? What if we actually tried to address the issue of educating young people in a manner that is beneficial to them, not just trap them in schools they want to leave?

And by the way, Commish? You are paid to run the education system, not tell the businesses of Texas who they should hire and why. Nor is any individual not in your system, under your control. You keep running your incompetent little empire into the ground and let the adults make their own decisions.

2 responses to “Mad enough to post”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Yeah. As if dropouts don't have a hard enough time getting a job as it is. Good to know the state is looking out for them.

  2. April Avatar

    What strikes me as the complete self-serving nature of this. If a high school degree is needed for the job, the business make it a requirement. It's not like there is a labor shortage in today's market. This doesn't protect businesses or workers, this is a CYA move by a crumbling educational system.

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