Lyrids meteor shower

Tomorrow morning will be the peak viewing time for the Lyrids meteor shower, named because these meteors appear in the Lyra constellation. It happens every year in late April when the earth passes through the tail of the Comet Thatcher.

Because the moon is full, the Lyrids may be difficult to see, but moonset in our area is 4:33 am and sunrise is 6:49 am, so we have a couple of wee early hours to see it.


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“If you do decide to go out for the Lyrid meteor shower this year, try to find a place were you can be confortable and looking up at the sky, take some coffee and some snacks; depending on the local weather, bundle up in layers accordingly, and get comfortable, it will take your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the night sky so I wouldn’t suggest keeping any lights on nearby. Or, if you must, consider getting a red light flashlight. It will help you find your way in the darkness but it won’t affect your eyes so much. Also, keep in mind mosquitoes might be more active during that time so you should consider taking some insect repellant.”

Of course, if you miss it, there’s always next year.

For more, including the history of this meteor shower, visit

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