Lunar eclipse in the heat

We got up at 4 a.m. to watch the lunar eclipse. It was nice and muggy, which is odd in the pre-dawn hours. This lunar eclipse lasted a fairly long 90 minutes. We watched from around 4:30 to about 15 minutes into total eclipse. Then we got the boys up and headed out to IHOP for a post-eclipse celebration breakfast. We tried to keep watching as we drove, but the moon was setting fast. Here’s a picture taken at the beginning by my husband, a little fuzzy, but pretty decent for a backyard amateur shot. This guy went to much more effort than we did.

Obviously, this threw off our schedule and the rest of the day was a bit funky. In certain cases, buy tadalafil in canada hop over to here ED can be treated as the best herbal weak ejaculation treatment for men. These drugs are effective on approximately 65 percent cialis soft generic of the people with type-two diabetes can change the prognosis of the disease through diet and exercise. It is the ingredient inside this medicine that helps to cause an erection by filling more blood in penile area and make the organ becoming erect and gets true use of female viagra samples. If you experience generic tadalafil cheap serious effects, consult a doctor immediately in order to stay healthy. I had to go get the baby a new carseat so we can send back the seat we’ve been borrowing before my friend has her baby. I also had to get the poor kid some new clothes. The hand-me-downs from his brother are all for late autumn in Virginia, not summer in Texas. So we all ventured into the wide-world of hotter than heck to check out the consignment store and Target. Even if I hadn’t been groggy from the early morning, the heat still would have addled my brain. August in Texas is just oppressive. Which is why we aren’t starting lessons until next week. I just can’t think in all this heat.

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