Live free or move

Here’s an interesting report ranking states based on economic and personal freedoms their citizens enjoy (Or don’t. I’m looking at you New York!)

Texas is 5th overall and only does poorly in regulatory policy (27th.) So I guess we don’t have to move this year! (Kidding MTG! We’ll never move again.)

It looks like an interesting study, I hope to read the whole thing later. But right now I need to go prep my garden for planting. I may be out of this particular job next year if the regulators decide to shut down kitchen gardens, too.
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2 responses to “Live free or move”

  1. Dana Avatar

    If that thing goes through, can I file a complaint against Obama’s kitchen garden at the White House? Imagine growing contraband on the White House lawn…

  2. April Avatar

    Well, they’re becoming experts at crafting laws to hit a chosen few, I’m sure they’d be happy to craft a law to exempt The One and his garden. But if they don’t, I’ll be right there with ya!

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