The Big Day in the Big Woods!

Happy birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder! Thanks for all the wonderful stories.

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And on the Prairie and by the Banks of Plum Creek and on Silver Lake, etc. It’s Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 150th birthday, and to celebrate Audible is finally released the audio books of the Little House on the Prairie Series. Party! 

Happy 150th Birthday, Mrs. Wilder! Thanks for all the wonderful stories.
From the “loved to pieces” section of our library.

Cherry Jones narrates these, and she is perfect. We’ve listened to the library’s copies multiple times. But library CDs get scratched, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to own these treasures. This summer, we’re taking a road trip through many of the areas that she lived, and these stories will be perfect for our travels. Happy Listening!

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The audiobooks aren’t very expensive, and they’re even cheaper if you’re an Audible member.  You can try Audible for 30 days and get two free audiobooks. But don’t use your free credits on these books! Members also get discounts, and these books are cheaper than a credit. The first book is currently less than $8 for Audible members. I like to get the biggest bang for my Audible credit, so I generally only use them on full-price books or series. (You can get the entire Great Courses Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition course for one credit. One Credit!)

Happy birthday, Mrs. Wilder. Thank you for all of the wonderful stories.


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