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The above picture is from huge Parisian rally the night of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. At yesterday’s huge rally, American journalist Jake Tapper tweeted:


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I was struck by these two English signs in the middle of French rallies, not that it’s surprising. English has become the Lingua Franca–the common language by which various peoples communicate–because of the power and influence of English speaking nations, specifically of America. But in reporting on the impressive gathering, Tapper also expressed his disappointment that no high level representatives of the American government attended. A huge portion of the free world gathered in solidarity, but the largest, most powerful nation in the free world declined to join them.

I’m no foreign policy expert, and my insight to this whole evil situation is basically, “Hell, no!”, but I sincerely hope our nation’s only contribution to facing this crisis of the Western World isn’t merely a common language for protest signs.


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