Life’s Interruptions

The baby–who really ought to be sleeping through the night by now (your siblings were!)–keeps waking up. Repeatedly. Math lessons are interrupted for character correction. We take a detour from the regularly scheduled program to talk families and who is related to whom and how and what’s our new cousin’s name again? The to-do list gets bumped by the baby who must be carried or be climbing up my legs. (Tip: don’t wear elastic waist pants during this season of baby-life.) The sending to do chores becomes the supervising of chores. buy viagra without prescription It just helps you in getting the erection for required time and doesn’t arouse the feeling to make love. Thus, this prescription viagra medication can induce increasing muscle mass. The texts of ayurveda have sildenafil cheapest described medicinal properties of sesame. If you could not satisfy viagra online her sexually and emotionally, it is natural for her to look somewhere else. And I wonder when will all these interruptions stop so I can get back to life.

But the “interruptions” are life. And there are only two things you can do when that realization hits: 1) hide under the bed with the leftover Halloween candy or 2) say, “Okay then,” and get busy living.

I haven’t grabbed the candy bucket . . . yet.

2 responses to “Life’s Interruptions”

  1. Renae Avatar

    This is so true. I even wrote a post about “Real Life”, but I need daily…or maybe hourly reminders. 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    Renae, I blame women’s magazines, etc. (even some blogs!) that give great tips on nice, neat, workable schedules, but fail to factor in exploding diapers and children who are acting like . . . well, children! They create a false sense of normalcy, when normal is anything but neat and orderly. In my life, anyway.

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