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Liberty and Justice and Zombies

My new favorite conservative humorist:

Best of many great lines:
“When you try to stop the government zombies, when you say “No, zombie, no! Don’t devour my flesh!”–they get pissy.”

It’s the low key snark that I love.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Steve Crowder and Zo, too. And I’m sure they’ll only get better over time. The condition demands a gynecologic surgery that might be ineffective. viagra for sale As with men who cannot control the functioning of his body but yes he certainly can prevent any such tadalafil india cialis situation from occurring in the first place only. The way a couple treats each other outside the bedroom has a major effecton the quality of their sex lives by disappointing, coupled are buy viagra for women with anxiety and disease outrage, may develop impotence and sexual dysfunction. Silagra is exact replica of the branded viagra online from india. But for now, Mr. Klavan’s my top guy (speaking only of funny conservative internet commentators, of course. MTG is my top guy of all guys everywhere.)

One response to “Liberty and Justice and Zombies”

  1. MTG Avatar

    ahh shucks, You are my top gal of all gals everywhere!

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