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Liberty and Adventure

Picture from The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers artwork series.
Picture from The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers artwork series.

On July 4, 1804, Captains Lewis and Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery celebrated the first Independence Day west of the Mississippi by firing off their cannon. They were at the beginning of a grand adventure that was the first steps in opening the West to their countrymen.

In addition to this exploring spirit, they took along the ideals of democracy — more advanced than even those which existed in the safety of Eastern civilization. On the Pacific Coast, the votes of the slave York and the Native American woman Sacajawea were counted equally with those of the soldiers in the Corps in deciding where to make winter camp.

In the history of America, the spirit of liberty and the spirit of adventure have always been interwoven. Pilgrims and others seeking a better, freer life set off on a grand and often treacherous adventure to the New World. Pioneers pushed into pathless wilderness. Enterprising Americans have sought ways to go farther and do more than any who went before them.

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