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Lenten Focus: the tiny Somali Church

For more on my Lenten Focus, see my Ash Wednesday post. A quick summary is that I am spending Lent fasting and praying for the Persecuted Church and I invite you to join me.


Somali Christians are a tiny minority under constant threat of imprisonment and death.

The land of Black Hawk Down and horrific civil war, drought, and famine, Somalia has only a few hundred Christians out of a population of 11 million. Open Doors puts Somalia second on its World Watch List, behind North Korea. The only Christians are converts from Islam, who are imprisoned, banished, and killed for their faith if discovered.

In addition to the dangers of being a Christian in a country where Muslim groups have vowed to drive Christianity completely out of the country, there are the additional struggles of the ongoing civil strife and all the problems that brings, including food shortages.

Open Doors suggests these Prayer Points:

  • For the small number of Christians who have come to Jesus from the Islamic faith
  • For restoration of a functioning government which will give freedom to all faiths
  • An end to the civil war, famine and drought which has plagued the nation since 1991

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