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Lenten Focus: Syrian Christians

For more on my Lenten Focus, see my Ash Wednesday post. A quick summary is that I am spending Lent fasting and praying for the Persecuted Church and I invite you to join me.

Syrian Christians

Four years ago this month, the civil war in Syria began. While severe persecution happens in countries that aren’t at war (North Korea and Iran, for example), living in a war zone is especially difficult for minority groups already lacking full rights and protection under the law. In addition to the trials of war, now Christians in Syria face the rise of ISIS and all its horrors. Before the war, Christians had a measure of freedom and security. However, now they face abuses, loss of property and possession, churches and cemeteries desecrated, violence and even death. Just last week more than 150 Christians were kidnapped by ISIS, and thousands of Christians have fled to surrounding countries.

From Open Doors:

The Islamic State introduced the caliphate (strict Islamic leadership) in large parts of Syria and Iraq at the end of June 2014 and a strict version of Sharia law was implemented. Since then, most Christians have fled areas controlled by the Islamic State. Christians are kidnapped out of financial, political and ideological motives. Many Christians have been abducted, physically harmed and killed. Amidst all violence and persecution, there are also sparks of hope, however. Though many Christians have left the country, a growing number of people are converting to Christ in the deplorable situation of civil war.

  • Pray for the Christians remaining in Syria as the civil war enters its fifth year, that their faith would remain strong and their witness would be bright.
  • Pray for those who have fled to neighboring areas for safety, especially as ISIS now begins to threaten those countries.
  • Pray for peace and healing for Syrian Christians and their country.

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