Lazy days of summer?

This is officially the first day of the Thompson Family summer.  Of course, the past two weeks have been filled with first Cub Scout Camp and then Girl Scout Camp.  Many people would consider that to be a summery activity.  However, since it involves tons of work and driving all over creation for me, it is not summer.  Summer means being a lazy bum.  It means not driving all over North Texas to therapy and Scouts and sports and classes.  It means living at the pool and splashing in the creek.

Throw in a couple of road trips and a rather ambitious goal of building the girls loft beds, and that’s our summer.

Of course, like many homeschoolers, we’ll also be doing some school work: math, finishing up history, science for the boys, and writing for the girls. And lots and lots of reading.  We’ll be heading back to the library as soon as we find that last overdue book. (Coming soon: The Thompson Wing of our local public library, paid by overdue fines.)

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2 responses to “Lazy days of summer?”

  1. Bethany Avatar

    Can’t wait to see you all — and to pick your brain a little about homeschooling. It’s a very lofty dream since I doubt it will work out for our family to have a stay-at-home parent, but I would very much love to have Timmy be homeschooled. Especially out here where there are ample opportunities to take field trips and see exhibits of things we’re studying. I think it would be as much fun for the parents as it will be for Timmy (and any other kids we have) to have a non-traditional education where Timmy can learn actual skills rather than sitting at a desk waiting for the other kids to finish their assignments (which Phil and I both did most of our school years). And I’d like to pick your brain about therapy as well, since you’ve gone through a couple years of sessions with your kids. One more week and it’s vacation time!!

  2. April Avatar

    Happy to share anything I might now, and several things I don’t! You’d be surprised how families adapt to make homeschooling work with their lifestyles, including both parents working. Or traveling the world on a boat. It’s a flexible educational model!

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