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Laugh and/or cry

Laugh, because Anne is funny.

Cry because this may be a sign of things to come: ask uncomfortable questions, get investigated. I These capsules can be taken along with the nitrate-containing drugs because the combination may lead to the damage of muscles, arteries or nerves. http://respitecaresa.org/get-involved/leave-a-legacy/hand-print/ cialis in canada viagra tablets Once you forward the message, the email has a program attached to it that will copy the list of addresses that the message has been forwarded to and send it back to him or her. As you take 20mg tadalafil sale this blue pill it gets absorbed in the bloodstream. The product is available for men and it continues to improve with http://respitecaresa.org/event/arc-family-day-out/ discount viagra regular use. have a hard time believing 3 different people in 3 different agencies all came up with the bright idea of breaking the law an investigating a citizen without outside prompting.

2 responses to “Laugh and/or cry”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Yeah, the investigation thing is really disturbing. Even more disturbing is that so many folks don’t care about it.

  2. April Avatar

    I wonder if they’ll care more when he files a lawsuit and wins big bucks from the state?

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