Ladies and Gentlemen, start your TARDISes!

The second half of season 7 of Dr. Who airs tonight in one week! Of course, we’ll be watching it the day after because we don’t have cable, so we buy it from Amazon.) So to those who will watch it before me…


Not familiar with Doctor Who? It’s a British show that aired from 1963 to 1989, and then got a reboot in 2005.  Doctor Who is an alien time travel whose space ship is a police box, which means nothing to Americans, but basically a big opaque telephone booth. Here’s a little infographic to fill you in.

dr who catch up

My brother introduced us to Doctor Who on Memorial Day 2011. By Labor Day, we had watched the entire reboot from Netflix.  We haven’t yet gone back to the original, but we plan to.  Of course, there are almost 700 episodes of the original, so that may take us a few years. It is an excellently addictive series. The episode, “Blink” is one of the best hours on television, ever. You can watch that episode without knowing anything about the Doctor Who universe, and it’s streaming on Netflix and Amazon prime.

And for those waiting for tonight (or tomorrow, as the case may be), the prequel.

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dr who 3d

Who is your favorite doctor and/or companion? What do you think about the new girl?


**A note on the update. Just before I wrote this silly post, I wrote “One week to Who! Squee!” on Facebook. I seem to be losing my mind faster than than previously. But you have a whole week to stock up on fish fingers and and custard!

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