Joy comes in the morning

This has been a hard, painful week, and what we need is some laughter and some joy. So here is my contribution. Share your own and pass it on. And hug some people today. Side hug, if you need to.



A cat on a roomba, dressed as a shark, chasing a duckling. Yeah, you read that right.

Four minutes of babies laughing at puppies. Really, that’s about the limit my cheeks can stand of that level of smiling.

Showing my age, I loved the Carol Burnett show. It was seriously some of the funniest sketch comedy ever. But the best thing about it was watching them try to crack each other up. This video isn’t embeddable, but well worth your time.

Okay, both of these comedy routines below are audio only, so while you listen, here are things to look at in another tab.

I’ve previously linked to this, but you can never look at this too much: French Bulldog puppies and their baby.

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And then plan your dream vacation.



And finally, my favorite go-to video when I need some joy.

Share your own bits of laughter and joy in the comments. We need all we can get after this week.


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