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It’s bizarro world

“Let me get this straight. The Democrat president is assembling an enemies list and speaks for the Silent Majority, and the Republicans are disruptive protestors?”

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Really, the President has already told us what he wants to hear.

Ah, that great rhetorical argument: “Shut up.”

2 responses to “It’s bizarro world”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Yeah, and can you imagine what would have happened if Bush had called 1000 religious leaders and asked them to talk about his plan during a service?

  2. April Avatar

    You know, there's a whole bunch if things that, if Bush had done, the media would have moaned that the end of America was nigh. Heck, they did. But not even a blip on the radar with these guys. Remember how everyone flipped out when Bush called Iran & North Korea evil? Harry Reid calls ObamaCare opponents "evil-mongers" and it doesn't even register with the media. Sheesh.

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