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It’s bizarro land!

4th amend

The Justice Department does something I like! It’s madness! Attorney General Eric Holder announced the (almost) end of a program called Equitable Sharing, when state law enforcement seize private property under civil assets forfeiture and turns it over to the feds, who then kick back up to 80% to the state and local law enforcement.

I’ve written about civil forfeiture before, but basically it’s when the government seizes your property accusing it of being used in a crime, without charging you with a crime and therefore needing to prove your guilt in a court of law. Because you aren’t charged, they don’t have to obey the Constitution or state laws regarding due process. If you want your property back, you can spend money hiring lawyers and prove it’s innocent. Needless to say, this hits (is targeted at?) the less well off hard, because they don’t have the resources to fight.

Of all the civil forfeiture laws, the equitable sharing program is skeeviest because it lets state law enforcement evade state laws limiting or regulating assets forfeiture. Federal cops helping state and local cops get around state and local laws is slimy. Full stop.

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If you’re looking for more information, The Institute for Justice is the go-to place for fighting civil forfeiture and fighting for reform.

Look, a celebratory dance by a Dover police officer! Let justice prevail!

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