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It’s a girl

These are the three most dangerous words at the birth of a child in much of the world. This week in my Washington Times Communities column I look at this remarkable documentary.


While the subject and content of It’s a Girl are almost overwhelmingly tragic — gendercide and the violence and hardships women face simply because of the gender — I have come away from the film with new heroines and hope for the future even in the face of evil.

One of my new heroines is Dr. Mitu Khurana, who was abused, held captive, and poisoned all in an effort to get her to abort her twin girls. She not only saved their lives but is also speaking out against female feticide and a government that turns a blind eye.


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Mitu’s story and others are not to be missed. I found myself giving a standing ovation in my room at this speech by Rita Banerji, founder of the 50 Million Missing Campaign:

“The right to life is . . . what defines us as human. That as a human being your most fundamental right is right to life and existence, and it’s unconditional. You don’t ever justify why someone has the right to life, like we do now with women. So there are sides that say, ‘If you kill women, who will have the babies?’ Well, you know, I have argued, ‘Well does that mean you kill women who don’t want to have babies?’ ‘Women are so beautiful, why do you want to kill them?’ Well if they’re ugly then do you kill them? The right to life is an uncontested right. But the fact that we have to justify why women shouldn’t be killed, that is a dehumanizing argument in itself.”

And that’s not even the entire speech! There were many beautiful defenses of the defenseless and examples of loving sacrifice of parents. There were also moments of heartache and pure evil, and it is sometimes hard to watch. But we don’t have the moral luxury of turning a blind eye to the targeted killing millions of girls.  Read more at Between Errands at The Washington Times Communities Pages.

The DVD will be released on September 25, the 33rd anniversary of China’s brutal One Child policy. You can pre-order it here.

Learn more about saving the lives of girls in China at Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

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